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Family Readiness


 The Marine Barracks Family Readiness Program shall provide support through proactive outreach in the form of the following functions:

  • Official Communication
  • Information, Referral and Resources
  • Marine Family Readiness and Deployment Support

The Family Readiness Program is the responsibility of the Commanding Officer and Marine Barracks to work in conjunction with the Family Readiness Officer (FRO). From there it is the responsibility of the FRO to carry out the vision of the unit commander relating to the program.

In partnering with Henderson Hall, the FRO can provide information on resources available to support Marine Families regarding all aspects of the military lifestyle.
Some of the particular resources relate to:

  • PCS Moves
  • Housing Information including the Military Set Aside Housing Program
  • Personal Financial Planning
  • Exceptional Family Member Program
  • School Liaison Officer who works with area school systems
  • Family Member Employment Assistance Program
  • General Counseling Services and Family Advocacy
  • Substance Abuse Counseling

Marine Barracks, Washington, DC has 2 active-duty Family Readiness Officers, dedicated to supporting the Family Readiness Program, their contact information is as follows:

Family Readiness Contact:


Unit and Family Readiness Funds

Unit and Family Readiness Funds are NAF monies given annually to MCCS for unit social functions such as parties, picnics and any other MWR related expenses. Unit funds are expected to be used to benefit the greatest number of authorized patrons including all expenditures that are properly authorized, planned and executed. These funds are dependence from 1 February to 31 January each year.

Please Contact the MCCS Director, Russell Pantleo (202-433-2338) with any questions regarding Unit and Family Readiness Funds:
U&FRF Order [ PDF ] Party Fund Request Sheet  [PDF] How To Use Unit Family Readiness Funds [PDF]


Q: What is the policy on the use of unit funds?
A: Installation units are authorized $20/Marine/year with minimum allocation for purchases of expendable items. The funds shall be expended in year allocated unless waived by the respective Installation Commander.

Q: Can unit funds be used to purchase items that would not be available to every member of the unit?
A: Yes. Per MCO P1700.27A, the administration of MCCS NAFs is a trust which requires that funds be expended with prudence so as to benefit the greatest number of personnel and that all expenditures are properly authorized, planned, and executed. This does not mean that all MCCS MWR activities have to be available to everyone all the time. As long as all have the opportunity to participate at some point in the activities, NAF may be used for support.

Q: Is there an MCO that restricts the purchase of alcoholic beverages with picnic and party funds (unit funds)?
A: No. Units are authorized to buy alcohol with unit funds. Units must also buy non-alcoholic beverages for non-drinkers at unit functions.


Sponsorship & Welcome Aboard Program

An integral part of the Family Readiness Program is the support of our Sponsorship and Welcome Aboard Program for Marines and their families who have received orders to the 8th & I unit.

Once we receive notice that personnel are incoming to the unit they will receive a contact letter, e-mail and/or phone call from our Family Readiness Officer. We will partner with the receiving unit to assign a Marine Sponsor for the individual. The mission of the FRO and the unit sponsor is to work with incoming Marines and their families to provide information and resources that will ease their transition to the National Capital Region. Please take advantage of these resources, their only purpose is to assist you and your family by providing information in a timely manner.

You or your family members should feel free to contact the FRO at anytime with any question that you may have relating to your move. We can be of assistance to you in many areas including:

  • Housing Issues, including: the Military Set Aside Housing Program
  • Temporary lodging
  • Local Public and Private School matters
  • Financial and Budgetary Planning
  • Family Member Employment Program
  • Lending Locker/Loan Closet Services
  • Marine Corps Community Services Programs

As we want to make your transition as smooth as possible, here are some links to additional resources that you may find helpful:

Relocation & Housing Information

Resources and Information

Your Family readiness Officer (FRO) is the source for all kinds of information and resources that are available to you. All of these resources will help to support you and your military lifestyle.

Please remember, if your particular issue or subject is not listed here, simply “Ask the FRO” for further support. After all, “You can do it, we can help”.

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